August Product Recalls

September 18, 2020

Product recalls are an important thing to keep track of as a consumer in Arizona. Some of your favorite brands might create items that are unreasonably dangerous to use – putting you at risk of serious personal injuries. Keep up with all the latest product recalls for your safety. If a defective product does injure you, contact a Phoenix product liability lawyer for a free consultation about an injury claim.

Essential Oils – Three Different Brands

Every month, several essential oil companies release product recalls for the same reason: a failure to meet the federal requirements in safe child-resistant packaging. Some essential oils contain ingredients that could be toxic to children if swallowed. This makes it important for manufacturers to use child-safe packaging. Mystic Moments, Calmer Solutions and REVIVE all recalled essential oils due to this defect in August 2020.

Bicycle Helmets – Three Different Brands

A model of flat-folding bicycle helmet by the brand Morpher does not meet federal bicycle helmet safety standards, leading to a recall of about 8,500 units. The CPSC has warned customers to stop using the helmet and to dispose of it due to an unreasonable risk of head injuries. The brand woom bikes USA also recalled a children’s helmet and Active Brands recalled the RIPPER Jr. helmet for the same reason.

CMP Group Dock Ladders

The CMP Group had to recall about 750 of its 3-Step Standoff Dock Ladders due to the edges of the ladder being too sharp. They are sharp enough to cut consumers, according to one reported incident of a laceration injury. Consumers can contact the CMP Group for a full refund or free replacement ladder.

Pier 1 Halloween Candles

Pier 1 recalled two Halloween-themed three-wick candles for flames that burn too high, posing a risk of igniting the wax and starting a fire. Pier 1 issued the recall after receiving seven reports of high flames, one minor burn injury and property damage. The candles involved are the Pier 1 scents Scary Black Cherry and Death by Chocolate.

Thule Strollers

Thule had to recall its Sleek Stroller after receiving reports of the handlebar detaching. This defect could potentially lead to loss of control of the stroller and related child injuries. The recall involves about 4,000 units. Customers can contact the Thule Group for a free replacement stroller frame.

Intertex Blowers

A potential fire hazard led Intertex to recall four different leaf blower models: the B-Air, BlueDri, BlueDri Pro and Soleaire. The defective blowers are missing circuit breakers. This means if the outlet short-circuits, the blower could overheat and cause a fire and burn injury risk. The recall applies to about 189,000 units sold in the USA.

Transform Four-Drawer Chest

Almost every month, a new company recalls a chest of drawers due to structural issues that could cause the chest to tip-over and entrap small children. In August, Transform recalled about 19,900 units of its Four-Drawer Chests (exclusively sold at Kmart) for this reason. The company recommends that parents stop using the drawers unless they are anchored to a wall and place them in a room that young children cannot access. Transform will send customers free anchoring kits with free installation upon request.

WD-40 Mildew Stain Remover

On August 5, 2020, WD-40 issued a recall of its X-14 Mildew Stain Remover (16-ounce bottle) after discovering a defect in the packaging. The product can build up pressure within the bottle, which can cause leaks. If a customer touches the bottle and gets the chemicals on his or her hand, it could cause skin irritation.

Hercules Star Lights

The brand Hercules had to recall about 50,000 Moravian Star Lights due to inadequate wire size and lack of proper overcurrent protection. These electrical defects could cause the star light to overheat, catch on fire or cause electrical shock injuries. The company’s remedy is to contact Hercules for a free repair kit.

This is not a full list of all August 2020 product recalls. If any type of product injured you in Phoenix, contact an attorney from Begam Marks & Traulsen, P.A. for a free consultation.