December 2020 Product Recalls

January 18, 2021

December is one of the biggest months of the year for the purchase of consumer goods. Unfortunately, not all of these goods are safe for use. The Consumer Product Safety Commission released 28 recalls in the month of December 2020. Review the highlights here to make sure your home is free from dangerous or defective products after the holidays.


Electronics often make the list of product recalls due to fire, burn and electrocution hazards. The following electronic devices made December’s list due to issues such as electrical malfunctions, overheating problems and unstable components.

The recommended actions for consumers with these goods are to immediately stop the use of the item and to contact the manufacturing company for a refund, replacement, repair kit or free repairs.

Items for Children

Every month, many items marketed toward children get recalled for potential health and safety hazards. In December 2020, three children’s clothing items were recalled: the Washington Shoe Company Western Chief Toddler Boots, a one-piece girl’s swimsuit by Target and a Target infant romper. All three were recalled for choking hazards.

Furthermore, on December 9, a company called Burley recalled about 780 units of its Dash X FM Child Bicycle Seat for a possible crash hazard. The piece that holds the bicycle seat in place on the bike (the reclining plate) may detach while in use, making the child seat unstable and causing a crash.

In addition, Graco recalled an infant sleeper accessory for a risk of suffocation. Five different brands of Excedrin were also recalled due to a failure to meet the child-resistant packaging requirements, presenting a risk of accidental poisoning. Finally, Otis Elevator Company issued a recall on private residence elevators for a child entrapment hazard.

Household Goods

December’s recalls for defective household items can pose many risks to individuals and families, including burns, blunt-force trauma and crush injuries. Follow the company’s instructions for how to keep yourself safe and remedy the issue if you purchased any of the following products.

  • Urban Outfitters Taper Candle Holders. These candle holders can catch on fire if they touch the candle’s flame, posing a fire and burn hazard.
  • King of Fans Hampton Bay Mara Ceiling Fans. The fan blades may detach from the base while in use, posing a projectile and injury hazard to consumers.
  • Camp Chef Portable Gas Stoves. A component of this stove has a sharp edge that can tear a hole in the seal of the gas regulator, causing a possible gas leak and fire hazard.
  • Homfa Cabinets. If not anchored to the wall, these cabinets can tip over, causing entrapment and injury risks to children.
  • ADCO Candles. ADCO recalled its Sure Scents 2-1 Peaceful Stream/Moonlit Waves candles for a defect where the flame can ignite the wax or break the glass votive, posing fire and burn injury risks.

There were also a significant number of tools recalled in December: the Can-Am Off-Road Screw Jack, GrillBlazer Propane Torch, Black & Decker CRAFTSMAN Chain Saw, and Fiskars Brands 16-Foot Pole Saw/Pruners. If you have any of these power tools, discontinue its use until you can contact the company for a remedy.


Vehicles purchased in December for Christmas gifts, such as ATVs and bicycles, may contain dangerous defects. Three different brands of off-highway and all-terrain vehicles were recalled due to crash and injury hazards: Huffy, American Honda and BRP. American Honda and BRP are offering free repairs as a remedy, while Huffy is offering a replacement. Cycling Sports Group also recalled its Cannondale Canvas NEO Bicycles due to a fall hazard.

If you or a loved one has injuries from a defective product in Phoenix, contact a product liability attorney right away for a free consultation.