Holiday Personal Safety Tips

December 17, 2018

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year for many Americans, but it is important to keep a few basic personal safety tips in mind to prevent injuries this holiday season. Good judgment and a few best practices can help prevent accidents and injuries so you and your family can enjoy the holiday season to the fullest.

Holiday Lights and Decorations

Many Americans decorate the inside and outside of their homes with festive electrical lights. It is important to realize that holiday lights can pose a fire risk under certain circumstances. These are a few best practices for handling holiday lights.

  • Checking wattage. A good rule of thumb is to never plug more than three strands of lights into a single outlet. You can also calculate the wattage needs of a light strand to ensure it does not overload the circuit breaker, or use a power strip with a built-in circuit breaker or surge protector.
  • Checking lights for damage. Never use any holiday lights with frayed wires or damaged bulbs. It is always better to replace damaged lights entirely rather than attempt to patch them.
  • Opting for LED lights. LEDs are a bit more expensive than incandescent holiday lights, but they consume less energy and produce much less ambient heat. Ultimately, they can save you money by using less power while also being a safer option than incandescent lights.
  • Never leaving lights unattended. Consider investing in automatic timers or remote shut-off switches so you never have to leave your home unattended when holiday lights are on.

Christmas Trees

Many American families decorate Christmas trees during the holiday season, and it is important to realize that a Christmas tree may present the biggest fire risk in your home during the holiday season. This is especially true for real trees. If a tree dries out, it can catch fire and become engulfed in flames in a matter of seconds. Make sure to water it daily to prevent it from drying out, and dispose of it promptly after the holiday season. If you or a loved one are a victim of a burn injury for another’s negligent actions, speak with our Phoenix burn injury lawyers.

Holiday Travel

The holiday season is statistically one of the most dangerous times of the year to travel. Not only are far more vehicles on the road, but winter weather can make traffic conditions even more dangerous. Follow these tips for safer travel.

  • Plan your route in advance.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination so you are not tempted to rush.
  • Eliminate distractions, such as keeping your cell phone set to Silent while driving.
  • Have a passenger act as your navigator when driving through unfamiliar territory.
  • Use extra caution during periods of poor visibility or during inclement weather.
  • Keep an emergency road kit in your vehicle with flares, first aid supplies, bottled water, and high-protein snacks in case you find yourself stranded in your vehicle.

These are just a few ways to limit your risk of traffic accidents during the holiday season. Ultimately, good judgment, proper planning, and defensive driving are some of the best ways to stay safe on the road this holiday season.

Safe Gift-Giving

Research the gifts you buy this holiday season before giving them to friends and loved ones. This is especially true for children’s toys and electronics. Electronic devices with lithium-ion batteries could pose a fire or explosion risk, so check carefully for product reviews and known issues before gifting any electronics or children’s toys.

These are just a few ways you can stay safe and prevent injuries this holiday season. However, if a negligent driver or product manufacturer causes an injury to you or a loved one, contact an attorney in your area to discuss your options for legal recourse and recovery.