January Product Recalls (2020)

February 17, 2020

Each month, the Consumer Product Safety Commission adds new product recalls to its national list. If you have purchased anything on the list, you may need to act quickly to repair or return the item. Missing a recall on an item you have in your home could lead to personal injuries, disasters and even deaths from a defective product. Here are some of the national recalls for January 2020.

Boston Warehouse Holiday Travel Mugs

If someone gifted you a holiday-themed travel mug from Boston Warehouse Trading Corp, it may have a recall. The company announced a recall on January 9th due to a potential fire hazard. The manufacturing company mistakenly labeled the mugs as microwave safe, but if microwaved, the metallic print can spark or catch fire. The recall affects about 2,400 units, with the suggested remedy to stop using the mugs and return them for full refunds.

Thesaurus Global Marketing Tricycles

Thesaurus Global Marketing recalled around 370 units of its Little Bambino Tricycle in blue, sold exclusively on Amazon.com. The recall surrounds a violation of the federal lead paint ban. The four in one canopy children’s tricycle has components that contain dangerous levels of lead. If ingested by a child, lead can cause health problems.

Libbey Glass Milk Bottles

Around 44,300 glass 33.5-ounce milk bottles from Libbey may pose a laceration hazard for consumers. The bottle can break unexpectedly while in use, potentially cutting consumers. The company has not received any reports of incidents or injuries so far but is recommending consumers immediately stop using the bottles and contact the company for a credit voucher for a free replacement bottle.

Thompson’s Company Aerosol WaterSeal Products

On January 14th, 2020, Thompson’s Company recalled over 850,000 aerosol canisters of its WaterSeal® Waterproofing Wood Protector and Masonry Protector products. The ingredients can react while in the cans, causing rust formation along its seam that could create leaks. If an open flame near the canister ignites the contents, it could be a fire or explosion hazard. Retailers have notified Thompson’s of 18 leaking cans, with no incidents reported.

Baby Trend Tango Mini Stroller

A possible fall hazard led Baby Trend to recall about 2,000 units of its Tango Mini Stroller. The stroller’s hinge joints may collapse under pressure, causing fall injuries to children sitting in the stroller. The company recommends consumers immediately stop using the recalled strollers and contact Baby Trend for a full refund or replacement.

Evenflo Inclined Sleeper

Evenflo recalled 3,100 of its Pillo Portable Napper products due to a risk for sleeping infants. The inclined style of the product could allow infants to roll onto their stomachs or sides, potentially posing a suffocation hazard. The company says people should immediately stop using the sleepers and contact them for a cash refund or voucher. Delta Enterprise Corp. also recalled its incline sleeper in January for similar reasons, as did Graco and Summer Infant.

Polaris Brutus UTV

Polaris had to recall about 340 units of its Brutus Utility Vehicle (UTV) due to crash and collision hazards. The recall states that something could puncture the rear brake line of the UTV, cutting the brakes and causing a collision hazard. The company received one incident report with no injuries or deaths. It is recommending free inspections and repairs through local Polaris dealers. Polaris also recalled its Pro XD UTV for the same reason, as did the Bobcat Company with its Bobcat 3650 UTV.

K-Apparel Children’s Lounge Pants

On January 30th, K-Apparel recalled 2,200 units of its TINFL children’s lounge pants for failing to meet the federal fire safety standard. The standard requires children’s sleepwear to be either flame resistant or snug-fitting, and the lounge pants do not meet these criteria. The company recommends consumers immediately take the lounge pants away from children and contact K-Apparel for a full refund.