Labor Day Safety Tips

August 30, 2019

Labor Day is the first Monday of September – an excellent opportunity to rest, relax and celebrate. Unfortunately, it is also a day when emergency room traffic spikes in Arizona. Grills, swimming pools, drunk drivers and fireworks are just some of the many dangers you could face this Labor Day. This year, avoid a trip to the hospital with a few tips to keep the whole family safe.

Plan a Road Trip Ahead of Time

Road traffic increases on all major holidays. Every Labor Day, an average of about 400 people die in traffic accidents in the U.S., according to the National Safety Council. If your family is choosing road travel this holiday, plan ahead. Map your route in advance to avoid scary or confusing surprises. Try leaving early in the morning or driving overnight to avoid the worst of the traffic. Get plenty of rest before a long drive. Consider driving with passengers who can stay awake with you to help keep you alert.

Never Text and Drive

Distracted driving is a common cause of fatal car accidents in Arizona. Cellphones are the greatest culprits, with thousands of drivers texting, talking or scrolling through social media apps behind the wheel. Never drive while distracted, physically or cognitively. Focus 100% of your attention on getting safely to your destination. It is especially important to pay attention to the road on holidays since there may be more pedestrians walking around than usual. If a negligent or distracted driver caused a car collision, speak with a Phoenix car crash lawyer about your legal options.

Watch Out for Drunk Drivers

In 2018, there were 4,651 reported accidents involving drunk drivers in Arizona. These accidents took 261 lives and injured 2,951 others. More fatal drunk driving accidents happen at night than during the day in Arizona. Avoid driving late at night if you can, especially on Labor Day itself, when many people may have had alcoholic beverages at parties or barbecues during the day. Watch out for signs of a drunk driver, including speeding, drifting, weaving and running red lights. Keep your distance and call 911 if you suspect a drunk driver.

Practice Grill Safety

More than 10,000 house fires have something to do with grills, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Labor Day is a significant grilling holiday, contributing to dozens of grill injuries each year. If you host a get-together this Labor Day, practice smart grill safety. Do not grill close to your house. Keep children and pets safely away from the grill. If you do suffer a serious grill-related burn injury, get immediate medical care to help prevent infection. Then, speak to a personal injury lawyer about a potential defective product claim.

Stay Away From Fireworks

As tempting as it may be to set off fireworks in celebration of Labor Day, doing so could put you or your family members at high risk of burn injuries. Fireworks cause thousands of fires and related injuries every year. Even fireworks labeled for civilian use (including sparklers) can burn at temperatures hot enough to melt metal. Leave the fireworks to the professionals. Find out if there is a firework show near you instead of putting yourself at risk.

Improve Pool Safety

Labor Day is also a prime time for swimming pool accidents. If you or your guests wish to beat the heat, use your pool safely. Do not drink alcohol and swim. Never leave children unattended in the pool or pool area. Have a designated sober supervisor watching any swimming children. It only takes a few minutes for a child to slip underwater and suffer a catastrophic drowning injury. Teach young children how to swim for better peace of mind. Once everyone finishes with the pool, prevent unsupervised swims by locking the pool gate, patio door or pool cover. You could be liable for any injuries that occur in your pool if you do not take reasonable steps to prevent accidents.