What Is a Letter of Representation?

April 29, 2020

The Letter of Representation to an insurance carrier is a formal notice a personal injury attorney sends to the insurance company involved in the accident claim. It tells the insurance carrier the lawyer will be taking over the claim on behalf of the claimant. It is a brief letter that states the lawyer’s needs. When you hire a lawyer, he or she will take care of the Letter of Representation for you at the start of your case.

Why You Need Legal Representation

A personal injury insurance claim can be confusing. It is a detailed process with dozens of specific rules, expectations and requirements. The insurance company receiving your claim will have years of experience and expertise in how to handle a submission. As an accident victim, you will be at a disadvantage. The average victim does not have any experience in dealing with an insurance company. This could lead to the insurer taking advantage.

The best way to protect your rights during an injury claim is to hire an attorney. Having legal representation will even the playing field between you and the insurance carrier, showing the insurer you will not accept a lowball settlement or bad faith tactics. Your attorney can take over communications with the insurance company and its claims adjuster for you, starting with the Letter of Representation.

What Is the Goal of the Letter of Representation?

The Letter of Representation is typically the first form of communication between your personal injury lawyer and the insurance carrier responsible for hearing your injury claim. It introduces the insurance claims adjuster to your lawyer and explains that all communication and correspondence from that point on will be with the lawyer rather than the client. It also requests relevant information from the insurance company, such as a copy of the insured’s policy, for the attorney to use later.

The Letter of Representation aims to confirm coverage for the accident with the insurance company and explain that the injured party now has legal representation. It is an official letter usually printed on the law firm’s letterhead, complete with your lawyer’s signature. It typically gives the lawyer’s contact information for the insurance carrier to use as well. Once your lawyer sends the Letter of Representation, you will not have to worry about corresponding with a claims adjuster on your own. You can rest assured your lawyer is handling things for you while you focus on your physical recovery.

Sample Letter of Representation

[Today’s Date]

[Insurance Adjuster’s Full Name]

[Insurance Company Name]

[Insurance Company Address Line 1]

[Insurance Company Address Line 2]

[Insurance Company City, State, Zip Code]

Re: Claim for Injuries – Representation Letter

Our Client: [Claimant’s Full Name]

Your Insured: [Defendant’s Full Name]

Date of Accident: [Date of Accident]

Location of Accident: [Address or Location of Accident/Injury]


Dear Mr./Mrs. [Last Name of Insurance Adjuster],

Please be advised that our office is representing [Client’s Full Name] in [his/her] claim for the [insert injury type] and other injuries sustained as a result of an automobile accident with your insured. [Insert further details of the accident, if desired and relevant.]

We will forward all medical bills and documents related to our client’s injuries to you as soon as they become available. You will receive notices regarding any significant developments while our client remains in treatment as well.

We request that you send us any insurance information and coverage documents that are relevant to this claim, including the policy limits of your insured. We have reason to believe this is a policy limits case if the coverage is what we expect. Please forward a copy of the declaration page outlining all available coverages that were in effect on the date of the loss. Please also forward the Application for Benefits if our client is eligible for medical payment benefits.

Please direct all correspondence with our client to this office. You may contact me at my office if you have any questions or concerns.


[Signature of Attorney]

[Attorney’s Name Printed]