Peoria girl covered in 2nd and 3rd degree burns after grill fire

June 11, 2021

PEORIA, AZ – A young girl is in the burn unit after a propane tank exploded at a family pool party. Isla Cook has second and third-degree burns on more than 46% of her body. She is known for her acrobatic skills as a gymnast. Now she’s confined to a hospital bed. “Life can change fast,” said Alyssa Cook, Isla’s mother.

The injuries are the result of a propane tank explosion from their grill during a pool party at their Peoria home on Sunday. “It’s tragic, an absolute tragic situation and watching my daughter go up in flames, it’s the hardest thing I ever had to do,” said Justin Cook, Isla’s father.

It happens more often than you think, according to Peoria Fire Capt. Mark Barbee. “It’s unfortunate. People have been seriously hurt and worse,” said Capt. Barbee. “There are things we can do to prevent these things from happening.”

Capt. Barbee said you should make sure your propane tank isn’t over-pressurized by reading a meter. You also want to check the handle to make sure it isn’t loose, as well as the overall condition of the tank. “Keep those kids away from the barbecues. Keep the actual barbecue at least 10 feet away from the house. Make sure the rubber hoses are intact and they’re in good shape,” said Barbee.

Back to Isla. “I want her out of pain,” said Alyssa. Her parents said doctors believe she could be in the hospital anywhere from a month to 10 months. “We want her to make a full recovery and have her be the normal perfect child she is,” said Justin.

And one day, they hope she returns to the sport she loves: gymnastics. It’s the training her parents said that might get her out of the hospital and back on the mat sooner. “She’s a fighter. We are really thankful she has been doing gymnastics for years to be strong and push through things,” said Alyssa.

The Cooks are grateful for the doctors and nurses inside Valleywise’s burn unit who have been taking care of their daughter. Her gymnastics community is starting a campaign for her on Instagram with the hashtag #FlipforIsla. If you would like to help the family with medical expenses, click here.  Our best wishes for a swift recovery for Isla.

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Source: 3TV/CBS 5