Phoenix Woman Loses Unborn Baby in Alleged DUI Crash

March 28, 2023

PHOENIX, AZ – A Phoenix family is grieving the loss of their unborn baby at the hands of an alleged drunk driver. Amanda Wern was seven months pregnant when she says her car was hit last week near 9th St. and Grovers Avenue in Phoenix.

Wern says she’s been avoiding the intersection for over a week, even though it’s just a mile from where she lives. Unfortunately, it’s a painful reminder of the son she never got the chance to meet. “We bought a bunch of baby stuff already and had plans,” she said.

After years of trying, Wern was excited to be a first-time mom. “It’s hard because I had a miscarriage 13 years ago and then me and my fiancé we’ve been trying and we haven’t been able to get pregnant and finally do and end up losing him.” she said.

On March 19, she and her friend were on their way home when 39-year-old Leslie Yeager, an alleged drunk driver, slammed into them. “She pleaded with the lady to call the cops and she refused to and took off. Told her I was pregnant and she didn’t care,” Wern said.

Yeager took off, but police arrested her after a witness followed her to a 7-Eleven half a mile from where the crash happened. Wern doesn’t remember much about that night. “They told me on my way to the hospital that he had passed away,” Wern said. “I just remember being in the delivery room and pushing him out and not heard him cry.”

Over a week has passed, and her scars and bruises remind her of how much she’s lost. “He was supposed to be due May 2, that’s what’s going to be hard and that’s when it’s going to hit me the hardest. Some mornings I wake myself up crying. I’ve had dreams that I’ve had him,” she said.

Wern is full of sadness and will miss the kicking feeling, especially knowing he is no longer coming. But Wern admits she’s also angry. She says it’s upsetting learning Yeager is out on bond, despite facing several charges, including manslaughter. “It was when I got the letter in the mail about her being released and bailing herself out that’s when I became mad. It’s when I became angry. A woman that killed an unborn child and has no remorse and just let her out. Pays cash and she’s out,” Wern said.

After Yeager was arrested, court documents state she hit an officer and, at one point, even said she wanted to punch him in the face and kill him.

Wern is now grieving her son and dealing with medical bills. If you’d like to help, you can donate here.

We extend our condolences to the family and friends of the victims of this crash. Call (602)254-6071 to talk with an Arizona personal injury attorney if you or a loved one were injured in a car accident.

Source: 3TV/CBS 5