How to Prevent Phoenix Motorcycle Accidents

March 6, 2019

Motorcycle accidents are incredibly dangerous for riders; a motorcycle offers very little for the rider in the way of crash protection. If you ride in Phoenix, it is crucial to avoid accidents however possible. A motorcycle accident can lead to serious injuries, expensive property damage, and possibly even permanent disabilities. A few tips from our Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyers can help you prevent motorcycle accidents in Phoenix.

Take a Motorcycle Safety Class

Muscle memory is important for any type of driving, and drivers and motorcyclists can be safer on the road by taking professional driving classes. You may be able to secure a motorcycle license with minimal effort, but the extra experience gained in a professional safety class can be invaluable. Newer riders are more likely to get into accidents than experienced riders, so doing everything you can to enhance your ability as a rider will lower your accident risk.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers online and in-person motorcycle training courses, and taking the time to complete these courses will not only lower your risk of an accident, you may also qualify for an insurance discount.

Know Your Skill Level

Until you complete a motorcycle safety class or gain more experience with riding, you may need to avoid certain areas due to your skill level. Riding a motorcycle is very different than driving a car, and you must have a firm grasp of your skill level and know which routes are too dangerous for you to handle.

Make Yourself Visible

You should invest in high-quality riding gear to protect yourself in an accident, but be sure to choose colors that will make you easy for passing drivers to spot. Brightly colored clothing, a brightly colored motorcycle helmet, and reflectors on your clothing and bike will all help you be more visible on the road, limiting the risk of an accident.

Avoid Blind Spots

All vehicles have blind spots, or areas around the vehicle the driver cannot see in his or her mirrors or through the vehicle’s windows without turning his or her head. Motorcycles are smaller and can slip through other vehicles’ blind spots very quickly. Do your best to avoid lingering in blind spots any longer than necessary. The driver may not be able to see you and could change lanes suddenly, crashing into your bike.

Avoid Bad Weather

Driving in the rain is much more difficult and more dangerous than driving a car. Although riding in very light rain may not pose much of a problem, motorcyclists should avoid riding in heavy rain or more severe weather. Not only is riding during heavy precipitation dangerous due to poor visibility, it can also soak the rider’s clothes and lead to illness.

Never Drink and Drive

Alcohol is a major contributor to fatal motorcycle accidents all over the country; riding under the influence is even more dangerous than driving under the influence as the rider has virtually no protection in the event of an accident. Never consume alcohol before driving any vehicle; you risk not only severe injury or even death but also substantial legal penalties including fines and jail time.

Use Care at Intersections

Intersections are generally one of the most dangerous areas for motorcyclists; one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is a vehicle turning left in front of the rider. Use extreme caution at any intersection, especially when traveling straight through an intersection and the opposing traffic has a turning lane.

These are just a few ways you can minimize your chances of experiencing a motorcycle accident, but it is vital to remember you can never predict the actions of other drivers. Always wear appropriate safety gear when riding your motorcycle regardless of your skill level to limit injuries in the event of an accident.