September Product Recalls

October 19, 2020

The products you rely on every day should not threaten your health or safety. You and your family should be able to trust in the quality and effectiveness of the products you purchase. Unfortunately, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) publishes new items with known dangerous defects almost daily. Browse through the recalled items for September 2020 to avoid buying a defective product in Arizona or online.

Fall Accident Risks

Falls can cause injuries such as broken bones and concussions. Many items on the September recall list pose a risk of falls to consumers. Petzl’s Low-Stretch Kernmantle Rope could have tape or a deep cut where two of the ends come together, posing a fall threat. Caravan Global recalled its Sports Armed Chair for a problem with the plastic bracket that could cause the seat to rip apart from the frame. Similarly, Hanamint recalled its Swivel Rockers, Club Swivel Rockers and Club Swivel Gliders for seats that can separate from their bases and fall. Finally, falling objects from the defective Hi-Lift Storage Hoist could strike and injure passersby.

Laceration Hazards

Certain defective objects with sharp pieces, blades or the propensity to break could pose laceration hazards to consumers. Lacerations can be permanently scarring for an injured victim.

  • STIHL Mini-Cultivator Attachments. On about 185,000 units, the manufacturer may have mounted the gearbox upside down. This could pose a laceration hazard to the user, as the blade will revolve in reverse.
  • Kobalt Cordless Electric Pole Saw. Sold only at Lowe’s, this electric saw has been recalled by the manufacturer due to a switch that can fail under a heavy load, meaning the unit will continue running after releasing the trigger. The Kobalt Cordless Electric Chainsaw was also recalled for an on/off switch that can remain on.
  • RH Industrial Three-Panel Mirrors. The panels in this mirror can come loose from the backing and fall from the wall, posing a laceration injury hazard. This recall affects about 270 units.

If you have one of these items, discontinue use of it immediately. Contact the manufacturing company to ask for a remedy. Some companies offer refunds or store credit, while others will send a repair person to your home for free.

Unintentional Child Poisoning

Almost every month, the CPSC releases a new list of products from different brands that pose poisoning threats to small children. These recalls are due to a failure of the bottles to meet federal safety standards in child-resistant packaging. If a young child ingests too much of a dangerous product, it could be deadly. The products recalled for this reason in September were Vthrive Bioactive Multivitamins from The Vitamin Shoppe, 31 different drugs from Medique and Organic Aromas Wintergreen Essential Oil.

Crash Hazards

If a vehicle contains a defective part or piece of equipment, the vehicle could fail while in use – leading to crashes or falls and potential injuries. Manufacturers recalled several ATVs, utility vehicles and bicycles in September for this reason: the CFMOTO off-highway vehicle, Sirrus Sport Bicycles, Pedego Interceptor Bicycle, Cycling Sports Group’s Front Racks With Bamboo Trays and WHILL personal Electric Vehicles. IMMI also recalled harnesses designed for UTVs due to missing stitching that could cause the harnesses to open in a crash.

Fire Hazards

Another common hazard posed by defective items is the risk of fires, explosions and burn injuries. Fire hazards can stem from faulty electrical components, fuel leaks or a failure to meet federal flammability standards. Products that pose fire and burn hazards from September’s recall list include the Westinghouse Portable Generator, Monoprice Ethernet Cable, Royal Gourmet Deluxe Gas Grill (sold exclusively on and Advantus Fluorescent Computer Task Lamps.

If one of these recalled products from September 2020 injured you, contact Begam Marks & Traulsen, P.A. for a free consultation. The manufacturing corporation or another party may owe you compensation.