What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?

August 20, 2020

If an accident in Phoenix injures you or someone you love, recovering can feel like an uphill battle. Hospitals and bill collectors may pester you for payments while insurance companies try to avoid releasing benefits. Meanwhile, you are dealing with painful personal injuries and related lost wages. One of the best ways to handle a claim – and obtain peace of mind – is by hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Insider Knowledge and Expert Advice

It is normal to have many questions about your case as the victim of a serious personal injury accident. Receiving honest answers to these questions can give you peace of mind about your situation and what is to come. A personal injury lawyer is someone who shares your goals and interests. You can trust a lawyer to portray your case to you fairly and accurately, with no hidden motives or agendas. Throughout your case, your lawyer can continue to explain related laws and navigate the claims process on your behalf.

Efficient Legal Processes

As a plaintiff, you want the fastest, easiest and most efficient legal process possible. Efficiency can save you time, money and stress. A personal injury lawyer will be motivated to help you resolve your claim. Your lawyer can quickly begin your claim through important tasks such as preserving key evidence and filling out complicated legal paperwork. Your attorney can deal with the legal red tape of your injury claim while you focus on healing.

Timely Claims Filing

You do not have unlimited time to file a personal injury claim in Arizona. The state has a statute of limitations to which the courts strictly adhere. You have a maximum of two years from the date of your accident, in most cases, to file a personal injury claim. Your lawyer can make sure you submit all the required paperwork and documents before your time limit expires. If you try to handle things alone and miss your deadline, the courts will most likely dismiss your case before it begins.

Greater Success With Insurance Claims Adjusters

From the onset of your personal injury claim, the insurance company receiving it will not want to maximize your results. The more money you receive, the more money the insurance company loses. Dealing with insurance companies and their hired claims adjusters, therefore, may require help from an attorney. A lawyer will know how to deal with claims adjusters and their common deny, delay and defend tactics. Your lawyer can negotiate with an insurance claims adjuster for you to make sure you do not accept a lowball settlement offer. Insurance companies are more likely to take your claim seriously and offer a fair amount when they have to deal with an attorney.

Better Results

Another benefit of hiring a personal injury lawyer is the ability to go to trial. If the insurer does not work with you to settle, your lawyer can take the defendant to trial for better results. A personal injury lawyer’s trial capacities could result in a higher settlement or judgment award than you might have recovered on your own.

Since many lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis, you will not have to front the costs of a lawyer. Your lawyer will handle your claim and negotiate for maximum compensation for no attorney’s fees upfront. If the lawyer is successful, you will pay him or her out of the award won – not out of your pocket. Hiring a lawyer, therefore, could maximize your monetary outcome without placing any financial risk with you.

Reduced Stress

A personal injury accident and everything that comes with it can be confusing, stressful and difficult for you to handle on your own as an injured victim. When you entrust your case to an experienced personal injury attorney in Arizona, you no longer have to worry about its requirements or processes. Your lawyer can protect your rights, gather evidence and build a claim to damages on your behalf.