Personal Injury

July 22, 2020 in

What Are the Different Types of Negligence in Arizona?

Negligence is the legal basis for most personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. Negligence refers to the failure to meet the accepted standards of care, often resulting in accidents and injuries. Understanding negligence is often necessary to bring a damage claim in Arizona. Your case may involve general negligence, comparative negligence, medical malpractice or...
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July 13, 2020 in

Are Liability Waivers Enforceable in Arizona?

Signing up for certain high-risk activities comes with mandatory liability waivers for participants. Liability waivers are a safeguard for the person or enterprise in charge of the activity, granting them immunity from related lawsuits. If something goes wrong and the participant suffers an injury, a liability waiver could save the business from being held...
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May 29, 2020 in

Arizona Damage Caps

A key question by many plaintiffs during personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits is how much they may be able to obtain through their causes of action. Understanding the value of a damage award can be important for a family in planning its future. In some states, statutory damage caps limit the total amount...
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May 15, 2020 in

What Is the Difference Between Contributory Negligence and Comparative Negligence?

Negligence is the legal doctrine on which claimants base most personal injury lawsuits. It describes a party’s breach of duty of care in connection with the victim’s injury. Different states have passed different negligence laws. Some bar a victim from any recovery for contributing to an accident while others simply reduce the victim’s award....
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April 29, 2020 in

What Is a Letter of Representation?

The Letter of Representation to an insurance carrier is a formal notice a personal injury attorney sends to the insurance company involved in the accident claim. It tells the insurance carrier the lawyer will be taking over the claim on behalf of the claimant. It is a brief letter that states the lawyer’s needs....
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March 23, 2020 in

How to Prove You Are Not at Fault in a Car Accident

Arizona is a fault-based car insurance state. This is a traditional system in which the party at fault for causing the car accident will have to pay for victims’ damages. The at-fault driver will compensate people he or she injured through negligence or recklessness. It is important to prove it if you did not...
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February 28, 2020 in

What Is the Difference Between a Trial Lawyer and a Litigator?

Understanding the legal language surrounding your personal injury claim can help you feel more in control of the situation. You may hear words such as settlement, judgment award, negotiation and litigation tossed around during your case. Learning the differences between these recovery outlets, as well as the types of lawyers involved in each, could...
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February 19, 2020 in

How Long Does the Insurance Company Have to Respond to a Demand Letter?

After you file a demand letter, it can seem like the hardest part of your settlement is over. Waiting for an insurance company to respond, however, can be difficult while you are also dealing with lost wages and medical bills. Luckily, state law enforces time limits by which insurance companies must respond to demand...
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December 30, 2019 in

Arizona Sinkholes

A sinkhole is a dangerous natural disaster in which the surface land suddenly collapses from the dissolution of underlying rocks and subsurface. Sinkholes often appear without warning, opening a hole in the ground that may have been forming for months or years. A sinkhole can swallow up homes and vehicles, as well as cause...
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Car Fire Safety

Car fires can arise due to defective car parts, poor vehicle maintenance and car accidents. If your vehicle catches on fire, you and your passengers are at great risk of suffering burn and explosion injuries. You may not always be able to prevent a car fire, but you can learn how to properly respond...
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