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July 1, 2019 in

Arizona Jaywalking Laws

As of March 1, 2018, Arizona had the highest number of pedestrian deaths. The increase in deaths may be due in part to the speed of vehicles and negligence of drivers. Increasing the speed of a moving vehicle from 20 miles per hour to 40 miles per hour, increases the likelihood of death from...
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July 1, 2019 in

May Product Recalls

Congress established the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) with the enactment of the Consumer Product Safety Act in 1972. The CPSC’s purpose is to protect the public from the risk of serious injuries or death by more than 15,000 products that range from products for children to off-road vehicles. The commission does not regulate...
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June 6, 2019 in

Public Justice Fights For Your Right To Stop Credit Agencies From Lying About You

Article reposted with permission from Public Justice by Ellen Noble Seneca Falls Fellow On Wednesday, Public Justice, as part of our Access to Justice Campaign, filed a petition asking the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to rehear a dangerous decision that makes it nearly impossible for people to hold credit reporting agencies accountable and fix damaging errors...
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May 28, 2019 in

How to Handle a Fender Bender in Arizona

Any car accident can be a stressful and expensive ordeal, even a seemingly mild fender-bender. If you or a loved one recently had a minor car accident you may wonder about the best way to resolve the situation. While you and the other driver may be able to come to a mutual agreement as...
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May 20, 2019 in

Can I Sue for Airbag Injuries?

Airbags are vital safety devices in any vehicle, but it is possible for these devices to cause severe injuries when they malfunction. Even functional airbags that deploy as intended can cause serious injuries. If you or a loved one recently had a car accident and suffered injuries from an airbag, or sustained injuries because...
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May 13, 2019 in

Arizona Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Motorcycles are fun vehicles, but they are also inherently dangerous. A motorcyclist has virtually no protection from external crash forces, and motorcycle safety gear is crucial for preventing catastrophic injuries and death from serious accidents. Arizona’s motorcycle helmet laws exist to keep riders safe, and all riders should know these laws and make good...
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May 6, 2019 in

Arizona Bike Laws

Like many other states, Arizona considers bicyclists to have the same rights and responsibilities as all other motor vehicle drivers in the state. This means vehicle drivers should afford cyclists the same care and attention as they would to other drivers. It also means cyclists have the same responsibilities as other drivers. If you...
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April 29, 2019 in

How to Pick the Safest Motorcycle Helmet in 2021

Not every state in the U.S. requires motorcyclists to wear helmets, but the reality is that wearing a helmet is a very wise choice for any rider in any state. Properly-fitted motorcycle helmets can dramatically reduce the chances of a fatal head injury in a crash and potentially save a rider’s life. According to...
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April 19, 2019 in

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Arizona?

Lane splitting and lane sharing refer to two vehicles riding side-by-side in the same lane, typically bicycles or motorcycles. Lane splitting may also refer to “white lining” or riding between adjacent lanes of traffic. Some believe the practice has several distinct safety advantages such as making side-by-side riders of small vehicles more visible and...
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April 15, 2019 in

Arizona Hiking Safety

Arizona has an incredible climate and varied landscape, and the state has countless hiking trails of various difficulty levels that offer stunning views and great exercise. Hiking is more than just walking on a trail, however, and all Arizona hikers should know what to expect from enjoying the state’s many hiking routes. General Hiking...
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