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June 25, 2018 in

Understanding First-Degree Burns

What Are First-Degree Burns? First-degree burns, also known as superficial burns, only affect the top layer of the skin. Even so, first-degree burns can affect a wide area of skin and become very painful. In general, a first-degree burn requires little to no treatment, though some cases may require you to visit a doctor....
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June 19, 2017 in

Doctors Express Concern About Exploding E-Cigarettes

Since 2009, the Food and Drug Administration has been trying to regulate e-cigarettes and similar devices. Now, the world-famous Arizona Burn Center has recently begun monitoring e-cigarette explosions, with plans to document the phenomenon in a medical journal. The Burn Center has documented 12 cases of exploding e-cigarettes over the past 12 weeks. These...
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May 19, 2016 in

Crime Victim Compensation For Injury

We live in a society where anger and frustration all too often leads to violence. Though the perpetrator may be criminally prosecuted, this may leave the victim without any compensation for the damages inflicted. The Court could order restitution for out of pocket expenses, but the perpetrator often in prison is usually unable to...
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April 28, 2016 in

Dust Storm Dangers

Dust storms are a reality of life in the southwest. While they may be fascinating to watch from the safety of your house, they are also very dangerous when you are on the highway. During a dust storm it may become impossible to see the road itself, much less the lane markings, or any...
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