Advancing Costs

Typically costs are incurred in litigation. These costs are not attorneys’ fees, but rather costs charged by third parties, such as expert witness fees, transcript costs, filing fees, exhibit preparation costs, and sometimes travel costs. Unlike injury attorneys’ fees, which are only payable in contingency fee cases when a settlement or verdict award is received, costs usually must be paid as the litigation proceeds.

The Terms and Conditions Concerning Cost Advancement and Payment are Set Forth in Our Retention Agreement with Each Client

Costs for client cases are governed in accordance with the retention agreement between our firm and our client. In most situations, our firm advances costs on behalf of clients for expenses, expert fees, and similar matters, as these expenses are usually necessary to develop a client’s case. With our advancement, clients do not need to be concerned with having to come up with sometimes thousands of dollars as their case progresses and as costs mount.

The foregoing is general in nature, and in all cases, our fees and costs are governed by the specific retention agreement between our firm and each client. To learn more about costs associated with a personal injury case, contact our personal injury firm today to schedule a free consultation with our team.