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We Seek to Hold Doctors Accountable When They Fail to Diagnose or Misdiagnose cancer, Heart Conditions, or Other Matters

Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of medical conditions including illnesses or injuries can cause serious harm to patients. For example, a doctor’s failure to diagnose and treat a heart condition or recognize the signs of heart attack in a patient can lead to the patient’s death. Failure to diagnose cancer in the early stages could result in the cancer spreading and becoming fatal.

If a hospital, emergency room doctor, general practitioner, or other medical practitioner fails to diagnose and treat your medical condition and this causes you harm or worsens your condition, call our misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona, to discuss your legal options.

What are the Damages in a Failure to Diagnose Case?

Failure to diagnose cases can be particularly tragic.  A doctor who fails to correctly diagnose the existence of breast cancer in a woman while the cancer is in the early stages may take away or significantly reduce the chances for that woman to survive the cancer. Damage from a failure to diagnose case can include those arising from additional pain and suffering from treatment that might not have been required to those arising from an increased possibility of death.

Not All Misdiagnoses Cases Lead to Damages

In some cases, a failure to diagnose a disease may not result in any damages if the exact same treatment was done, and if the disease has not worsened.  At the other end of the spectrum, doctors may not be liable for a failure to diagnose a disease if the correct diagnoses would not have made a difference.

For example, if one doctor fails to diagnose cancer during an exam, and two weeks later another doctor correctly diagnoses cancer, the question will be whether there would be any difference in the patient’s prognosis if the cancer was correctly diagnosed at the outset.  In some situations, physicians or other medical experts may believe that even if the cancer was properly diagnosed at the outset, nothing could have been done to save the patient’s life.

We Work With Medical Experts in Medical Misdiagnosis Cases to Determine When Healthcare Providers Were Negligent, and if they Were Negligent, the Harm that Resulted

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