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Though aviation accidents are significantly less common than other vehicle accidents, when they do happen, the results are usually devastating for all those involved. In 2015, 1,282 civil aviation accidents occurred in the United States.

Most Common Aviation Accidents and Causes

Like other vehicle accidents, aviation accidents can occur in several ways. The most common type of aviation accident occurs during descent and landing. The method for safely landing a plane is meticulous, and even a very small mistake can cause a severe accident. Landing a plane can also go wrong when the plane has defective landing gear. This may include a substantial portion of the landing process depends on its proper function.

Pilots and other airline staff must do a thorough check of all functions on an airplane before taking off. In doing so, they can be sure nothing will malfunction in the air. Despite thorough and effective checks of all the functions before taking off, mechanical errors can happen. There is always a possibility a machine or piece of technology will malfunction. in a way that is impossible to predict. For example, if a fuel gauge stops working during the flight, it could lead to the airplane running out of fuel in the air, an occurrence that could lead to numerous fatalities.

As with any accident, human error or negligence is always a possible cause. Even highly trained pilots can act negligently at times or make a mistake. Pilot error is one of the most common causes of an aviation accident.

Another one of the more common causes of aviation accidents is dangerous weather. While airlines usually delay or cancel flights if even a small risk of dangerous weather exists, sometimes unexpected rain, snow, wind, or storms can occur.

Owner or Operator Liability

Numerous parties could be fiscally responsible for an aviation accident. One of them is the owner or operator of the airline. Owners have a duty of care that they must meet before they put any plane in the air. Like store owners, they must keep everyone on the plane reasonably safe at all times. If owners shirk their duty and put passengers’ lives in danger, they may be liable for the victims’ injuries or for their wrongful deaths. Even if the owner was not involved in operating the plane when the accident occurred, he or she could be liable because he or she was responsible for hiring the person who made the fatal mistake. If a loved one was lost in an aviation accident, our a wrongful death attorney from our firm in Phoenix can help.

Manufacturer Liability

As with any product, the manufacturer could be liable for a mishap. The manufacturer is responsible for producing a reliable and functional plane. If a part malfunctioned that should not have, the manufacturer may be responsible for the aviation accident, because the organization did not properly produce and install each part of the plane.

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Aviation accidents are serious events that can cause large numbers of severe injuries and fatalities. If you suffered an injury in an aviation accident, you may have the right to file a claim. Contact Begam Marks & Traulsen, P.A., for experienced representation from a Phoenix personal injury lawyer in your aviation accident claim.